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"IDT and Kodak offer a reputable, safe and secure application – all important to customers handling financial data."

-Bill McGuckin – Second Vice President, American Chartered Bank
Integrated Document Technologies, Inc., Computers - Sys Designers & Consult, Itasca, IL National Federation of Independent Business

Enterprise Information Management Software and Consulting Solutions by Industry

Enterprise Information Management designed to meet the needs of your company

For more than 20 years, Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT) has provided its Enterprise Information Management solutions to meet the specific needs of the markets it serves. We have deep and market-leading solutions for a variety of industries including healthcare, government, financial services, insurance, higher education and many others.

Our industry expertise allows us to shorten discovery and solution development. We speak your language and know your challenges so we can solve problems faster and more effectively. With IDT, you not only get the most nimble and intuitive ECM solution on the market today, you get a company that aligns with your specific needs and solves your business challenges today and in the future.

Aerospace and Defense

The Aerospace and Defense Industry is fraught with government oversight, stringent compliance mandates, and complex supply chain partner networks, all posing significant challenges to organizations that want to achieve both peak operating efficiency and corporate compliance.

We understand you are tightly regulated by the FAA (FAR) 91, DCAA (and more), and your complex business processes and IT systems must maintain reliable data and documents with careful attention paid to security and accountability.

Learn more Aerospace and Defense ECM solutions by ->clicking here<-

Banking and Mortgage Origination Solutions

Streamline your mortgage document handling and loan origination processes with document imaging, classification, and workflow services from IDT. We offer distributed branch capture, document imaging, workflow and document classification services that seamlessly integrate with your Loan Origination System (LOS) to create a 21st Century Loan Process that you can host in your own data center - or choose to have IDT host for you in our secured data center. IDT offers a completely integrated system that will be available whenever and whereever you need it.

Learn more about ECM for Loan Origination and Banking Solutions by ->clicking here<-

Contract Management

Optimize contract management by streamlining every step of the contract lifecycle management process

IDT's ECM solutions for Contract Management provides you with a single repository to store contracts, providing employees with instant access to the information they need. Once documents (such as legal agreements, real estate contracts, etc.) are in an ECM solution from IDT whether imported from other systems or scanned in; they are much easier to work with throughout the contract management system lifecycle.

Each edit is fully tracked and recorded, providing you with a full history of what was changed, when and who did it. Completed contracts can then route through the right approvals automatically and the appropriate approver can use a digital signature to execute the document. With Contract Management ECM from IDT, organizations can:

Financial Shared Services Efficiency and Compliance

Speed up your finance and accounting processes by adding Imaging, Workflow and ERP Integration Services from IDT to your organization. IDT promotes faster inter-departmental processing, better decision-making and allows other departments and locations to share critical information. IDT offers integration with leading ERP offerings from SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle eBusiness Suite, Lawson, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

Imagine if your users could access the documents that support their business transactions right from their ERP or Line of Business toolbars. With IDT's Integration for ERP tools, this can become a reality for you. Never again will your users have to search in multiple locations for information needed to complete transactions. Everything will be at their fingertips - right from their ERP or Line of Business screens - shrinking business cycle times without adding training costs.

And IDT's ERP Integration Tools can leverage your ERP data, too. IDT's ERP Integration Tools automatically pulls in values from your ERP to eliminate manual indexing on scanned or imported documents. Now your employees can spend less time managing data, documents and processes, with IDT's ERP Integration tools for ECM keeping everything in sync.

Learn more about ECM for Financial Shared Services by ->clicking here<-

Software Migration Services

Companies with existing Perceptive Software's ImageNow, FileNet, IBM Content Manager, Oracle IPM, Stellent IPM, Optika (FilePower, eMedia, Acorde, IBPM, Dell/EMC/OpenText Documentum, Dell/EMC Captiva/Formware, Dell/EMC/OpenText DocumentumAX (formerly OTG's ApplicationXtender), OpenText's IMR Alchemy and a plethora of other Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems are now facing the challenge of what to do with those aging systems. Due to multiple acquisitions, these aging systems have already undergone a series of management, technology stack and operational transitions — and some of software vendors are discontinuing support for various versions of these products, thereby declaring them obsolete. Software maintenance programs with yearly increasing fees and layers of unnecessary bureaucracy have you, your staff and budgets stretched needlessly thin.

We have the methodology, tools and experience to significantly cut down the extraction time.
Learn more about Software Migration Services by ->clicking here<-

Government ECM Solutions

Government agencies deal with many challenges when it comes to managing paperwork and documents. First, there is a diverse set of content to contend with. Whether it is court documents, public works contracts, meeting minutes, tax records, court reports, or other public records, agencies are expected to effectively manage and maintain all of this content safely and produce it without delay. In the past, agencies had to devise their own rules and methods to manage their unique content. This departmental, non-unified records management approach is expensive, risky, hard to maintain, and creates silos of information and blind spots for the governing body as a whole.

Learn more about State and Local Government Solutions by ->clicking here<-


Higher Education Process Efficiency and Document Management

With finger-tip access to information and process automation, OnBase speeds up decision making while improving communication. And, because OnBase integrates with your student information system, the documents and data stored in OnBase sync with your system of record. From administrative offices to academic departments, from alumni relations to athletics, from the Bursar's office to the Registrar's, OnBase elevates your institution's ability to provide superior service.

Enrollment management staff have to process a great deal of information quickly. OnBase helps Admissions, Financial Aid, Advising and Registrar's offices streamline operations to accurately and efficiently keep review processes moving.

Accelerate Admissions. OnBase by Hyland integrates with your student information system (SIS) to eliminate the manual, paper-based processes that bog down staff and interfere with timely responsiveness to prospective students. Utilizing its business process automation tools, OnBase also speeds turnaround times while providing a view into how well the applicant pool is aligning with your target populations.

Financial Aid Verification and Processing. There are more applicants and greater pressure to secure best-fit students, but less staff and reduced budgets. How does an institution process more applications faster with fewer resources? By switching out time-intensive paper-based processes for OnBase, Hyland Software’s enterprise content management (ECM) solution. OnBase integrates with your student information system (SIS) so that staff access the documents they need with just a click of a button. Increased process visibility even alerts staff of missing information. Schools send out better financial aid options sooner, encouraging students to enroll which helps meet enrollment goals.

Learn more about Higher Education Solutions by ->clicking here<-


Human Capital/Human Resources/HR Shared Services

Helping HR manage the employee lifecycle. When IDT products are integrated with your Human Resources Information System (HRIS), your HR employees can easily and instantly access both prospective and current employee documents and information directly from within the HRIS. They never have to leave the system. And they may never realize they are working inside ECM solutions from IDT.

Learn more about ECM for HR/Human Resources Shared Services by ->clicking here<-

Quality and Process Control

Using IDT's Quality and Process Control ECM Solutions inclusive of Checklists for Process Control allows organizations to meet quality control objectives while ensuring processes are completed. Using an intuitive user interface, organizations can input various policies and procedures, moving the information into an easily accessible checklist format. From here, users can view a policy's purpose and the specific steps required to fulfill it. By automatically generating electronic checklists and automating the assignment of tasks to specific individuals, the OnBase solution becomes an official record of work. With Quality and Process Control ECM solutions from IDT, organizations can:

  • Flag a checklist for review and provide feedback on the process, allowing stakeholders to gain insight into a checklist status, relevant issues and areas for improvement
  • Ensure that all work is completed on time while meeting an expected standard of quality assurance
  • Easily audit the status of policies and procedures while ensuring complete visibility of every document and record

  • The scalability and flexibility of IDT's Quality and Process Control ECM solutions also allow the checklists for process control solution to be quickly implemented. Start in one department and leverage your solution across the enterprise as your time, goals and budget permit.

Engineering Drawing Management

Storing, maintaining and reviewing CAD drawings is an essential part of the change management process. However, these processes can be difficult when employees are located in separate offices without access to CAD applications. With Engineering Drawing Management ECM solutions from IDT, organizations can:

  • Integrate with CAD systems, allowing users to archive, retrieve and modify compound drawings directly from the CAD applications they use every day
  • Streamline change management processes for faster project completion
  • Allow non-CAD users to access drawings, speeding up reviews

Using Engineering Drawing Management ECM Solutions from IDT, CAD users store their drawings in a single place, reducing the time spent searching for drawings and related documents. CAD users have instant access to their global files locally using OnBase caching technology, eliminating delays while trying to access large files. IDT Engineering Drawing Management also allows CAD users to distribute drawings to non-CAD users for reference or review, providing shop personnel, maintenance staff, facilities managers and others with quick access to the drawings they need.

The Engineering Drawing Management solution also increases efficiency in the change management process. IDT ECM Solutions for Engineering Drawing Management captures, processes, securely stores and manages revisions of CAD drawings so that organizations can focus on more important tasks and initiatives.

Facilities Management

With Facilities Management ECM Solutions from IDT solutions, all the content you need to maintain your facilities and manage work requests is stored in a central document repository. IDT's solutions connect with your GIS and asset management solutions so your data and documents are finally connected, allowing you to manage things like the operation, maintenance and repair of facilities.

IDT's Facilities Management ECM solutions lets you transform facility work requests with workflow automation, allowing you to easily dispatch service requests, schedule and track their progress and report on all activities. By eliminating paper and automating process, you lower operating costs while increasing labor efficiency, improving vendor and technician productivity by allowing staff to focus on more important tasks and initiatives. With IDT's ECM Solutions for Facilities Management, companies:

  • Increase staff productivity, providing simultaneous access to documents directly from familiar IT applications
  • Eliminate application switching for faster decisions and fewer process delays
  • Equip field workers with the content needed to respond effectively to service requests

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