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Library Image Whitepaper: Employee Onboarding - Beyond the Basics
HR knows the importance of new employee onboarding but still struggle to get it right. For many organizations, the source of the problem is overlooking the early and even transactional components of onboarding, things like making sure new hires have an assigned workspace and computer. These may seem like "basic" concepts, but can be far more challenging than expected.

This whitepaper from Human Resources Executive(R) discusses why the "basics" are so important and how technology solutions can help HR organizations master these critical steps by:

-> Automatically assigning onboarding tasks and deadlines
-> Tracking the status of the onboarding process for each new hire
-> Providing visibility into the process itself to identify bottlenecks

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The world is evolving from physical to digital documents. Are you putting your business at risk by storing documents in outmoded paper, microfilm, aperture cards, or microfiche formats?

Library Image Free E-Book "Customer-Focused Human Resources"
It is estimated that disengaged employees cost the US economy $500 billion per year in lost productivity. Learn how five Information Management Technologies that Will Increase Engagement without Decreasing Privacy.
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Library Image Streamline HR processes, improve level of service to employees
IDT Human Resource solutions enable organizations to effectively manage the entire employee lifecycle – streamlining HR processes, improving compliance and providing a better level of service to employees. Personnel have access...
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Library Image Improve Policy and Procedure Management, Strengthen Compliance
Learn how your peers within your industry are addressing the burdensome challenges coupled with mounting policy and procedure management, compliance and regulatory oversight.
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Library Image Controlling Content: An Ongoing HR Challenge
As human resource departments continue to rely on labor-intensive, costly and unwieldy paper documents, enterprise content management offers relief. Of the many things you can say about human resources, one that resonates...
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Library Image IDT Integration Insider Archives
Basement collection of classic back issues of IDT Integration Insider newsletters

Library Image 7 Deadly Sins of Backup and Recovery
This paper guides IT executives and system administrators in designing and implementing business backup and disaster recovery systems that enable every organization to rapidly recover entire business systems including business data, server OS, applications, and user data in case of a system failure or disaster, without experiencing undue planning and management pains.
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Library Image The Economics of the Cloud - Microsoft Whitepaper
Deep dive into the economic realities of on-premise vs. Cloud based computing. Grab your favorite beverage and be prepared to put on your thinking cap ;-)
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Library Image White Paper: Green Information Technology makes the ROI Grade with Web-Savvy Document Capture Systems
Going green is more than a trend; it’s now an everyday reality. Organizations of all types, regardless of industry, are finding that reducing their carbon footprint makes good business sense – it’s good for the planet and the company bottom line.
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Library Image White Paper: Introducing Windows Azure
Cloud computing is here. Running applications on machines in an internet-accessible data center can bring plenty of advantages. Yet wherever they run, applications are built on some kind of platform. For on-premises applications, this platform usually includes an operating system and some way to store data. Applications running in the cloud need a similar foundation. The goal of Microsoft’s Windows Azure is to provide this.
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Library Image White Paper: Business Value of Microsoft SharePoint 2010
Enterprise Content Management with Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2010 delivers both a high quality solution that stimulates and delivers user participation, and the tools for highly secure, well-managed content.
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Library Image White Paper: Microsoft Windows Azure Drive
With Windows Azure Drive, your Windows Azure applications running in the cloud can use existing NTFS APIs to access a durable drive. This can significantly ease the migration of existing Windows applications to the cloud. The Windows Azure application can read from or write to a drive letter (e.g., X:\) that represents a durable NTFS volume for storing and accessing data. The durable drive is implemented as a Windows Azure Page Blob containing an NTFS-formatted Virtual Hard Drive (VHD).
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Library Image SQL Azure vs. SQL Server - Get the Official Explanation from Microsoft
If you haven't explored Microsoft Azure as of yet, what are you waiting for? IT leadership teams should be seriously investigating the money savings opportunity!
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Library Image White Paper: Business Productivity at its best: Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010
This paper shows how two products, Microsoft® Office and Microsoft SharePoint®, contribute to the powerful architectural design of the Microsoft Business Productivity Infrastructure (BPI). The BPI stack approach suggests that only by thinking at a capability level (for example, “What do information workers want to do?”), and then adding the right aspects of capability in each place (client, server, and services), can we create desktop applications that also deliver rich server and services capabilities to information workers.
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Library Image Understanding the Datacenter Tier Ratings - Uptime Institute's Whitepaper
Have you been educated about the differences in the various Tier ratings that exist for the Cloud Computing/SaaS providers? Should you even care what kind of Datacenter your SaaS / Cloud Computing partner chose to host your application? Do you know the correct questions to ask of the SaaS/Cloud Computing Providers? Read the Whitepaper from Uptime Institute before you make your SaaS/Cloud Computing Provider final decision.
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Library Image Steve Ballmer on Cloud Computing
In a live speech at the University of Washington in Seattle, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer discussed what’s ahead for computing, with a focus on how cloud computing will change the way people and businesses use technology.

Library Image How Document Management Benefits Accounts Payable
This whitepaper focuses on how document management software saves time and money by automating labor intensive business processes for accounting and finance departments.

Library Image Imaging and Workflow vs. Paper - Learn how to improve your AP operations, realize a rapid ROI on your investment, while streamlining processes.
If you are looking internally to identify ways in which you can squeeze cash from operations - or at least get a better handle on its flow, potentially save thousands per year by implementing imaging and workflow in your AP department, then please review this four part educational video:

AP Imaging and Workflow (Part 1)
AP Imaging and Workflow (Part 2)
AP Imaging and Workflow (Part 3)
AP Imaging and Workflow (Part 4)

Library Image Effective and Efficient Distributed Web-Based Document Capture Architecture
This white paper describes the fundamental building blocks of Distributed, Web-Based Document Capture architecture, and share numerous tricks, tips and realities of the Capture process.

Library Image Creating a Cost-Conscious Document Capture Strategy
Technology has evolved from Document Imaging to scan paper, to Workflow to route the imaged paper, to Document Management to organize our file folders, to Web Content Management to manage Intranet and Extranet documents – all are now united as ECM. The influx of both paper and electronic documents still presents an enormous business and economic challenge for any organization. It must be met with a well thought-out Document Capture strategy.

Library Image White Paper: Business Continuity Planning 101
Is your data safe? In the wake left behind by Gustav, Hanna, Ike and other recent natural disasters, Business Continuity Planning for Small & Medium Size Businesses is essential! It is crucial to understand the risks associated with not having a BCP in place and, find out how to remove the cost and complexity burdens from your staff.

Library Image IDC - Making the Economic Case for Data Preservation
This paper examines how organizations are implementing solutions that provide greater efficiencies and lower costs while meeting stringent business mandates for record retention and retrieval requirements.

Library Image Replacing Tape with ProStor InfiniVault
This paper examines the business challenges of traditional tape backups and discusses how ProStor's InfiniVault provides the best of both worlds in terms of protecting data. ProStor's InfiniVault combines removable disk media and policy based retention management of information enabling scaleable, easy to manage corporate archive.

Library Image How to Optimize Data Retention
This white paper discusses the practical and economic advantages of long-term data preservation and how to achieve it.

Library Image ESG - Lowering the Cost of Information Retention with Effective Disk-based Archives
Further complicating matters for organizations are various regulations and corporate governance policies that require certain information to be kept for specific periods of time. Another, more recent challenge that all organizations - regardless of size or industry, must deal with is electronic discovery.

Library Image Choosing an Enterprise Content Management System
This white paper covers the following topics: Before You Buy, The Requirements Analysis, Budget & Cost Justification, Technology & Functionality, Who Should Conduct the Requirements Analysis, Choosing an ECM Consultant. To establish greater efficiencies and allow for collaborative data sharing, reporting and tracking, many businesses are taking advantage of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems as part of their infrastructures.

Library Image Where and how does an Enterprise Capture Solution fit in your overall Content Management Strategy?
So you think you have completed all your homework with respect to your Enterprise Content Management project? You've completed your Requirements Analysis, analyzed the Content Management players, evaluated carefully whether you should buy direct from the manufacturer or partner with VAR or Systems Integrator, assessed your "low-hanging fruit" opportunities that minimize organizational risk and maximize profitability. You are ready for primetime, prepared to purchase, implement and are raring to "go-live." However, in your careful analysis, did you inadvertently omit evaluating and defining your Capture Strategy as it relates to your overall Enterprise Content Management strategy? Does your organization's content originate internally, externally, in electronic and/or paper format? Do you clearly know where the "point of origin" for your content actually originates?

Library Image Why Purchase Your Scanners from IDT? - With so many options for purchasing hi-speed document scanners out there today, it's hard to know where you should go. Check out this quick reference sheet for some of the benefits of purchasing your important scanning equipment from IDT.

Library Image Mid Market Briefing Series:
This three-part series provides the insight and approach you can take to navigate the options and purchase of new financial software. It's focused on the specific issues faced by mid-market organizations.

Library Image Enterprise Content Management 101
What is ECM? When do you know you need it? What are its benefits? This brief article from a past issue of IDT's Integration Insider eNewsletter is your crash course in ECM.

Library Image ECM 101 PowerPoint Presentation
New to Enterprise Content Management? Check out this 101 primer and find out what ECM is, how to know if your business is a candidate for these technologies, their benefits, where to start, etc. You'll also learn a little about IDT, our clients, and what we offer.

Library Image Green Archival Storage: A white paper that explores the energy cost and environmental impact of common archival storage technologies
This paper compares the electrical requirements and carbon footprint of network attached digital archive solutions from three leading storage vendors.

Library Image Keep Your Information Moving with Workflow Automation
Workflow automation is "the ability to convert existing manual tasks into electronically automated processes." With flexible, scalable technology, it enables the automatic routing and management of transaction information (like purchase orders, claims, invoices, and applications) throughout one's organization and over the Web. Read this archived IDT Integration Insider article to find out more about workflow, its benefits and the Top 5 reasons to consider it.

Library Image The Upgrade Decision
As budgets are prepared, the question of "to upgrade or not to upgrade" often arises. The path to the answer can be complex and require a great deal of consideration. Getting your company through an implementation can be difficult. Upgrading can sometimes be tricky as well. It is essential that some basic analysis is done to establish whether an upgrade is right for your organization and if so, which upgrade path you should follow. Read this archived IDT Integration Insider article for some tips in making your decision.

Library Image Five Ways to Improve the ROI of Your Next Technology Investment
New technologies, when evaluated and launched wisely, can help your organization make significant productivity leaps and gain competitive advantage. Consider these five tips as offered in IDT's Integration Insider.

Library Image A Case for Centralized Mail Processing of Communications Through a Virtual Mailroom
As businesses continue to automate their information processes-enterprise content management (ECM) systems replace file cabinets, document and data capture technologies replace manual data entry-one domain of the information flow remains unchanged: the mailroom. - Courtesy of EMC Captiva Software Corporation -

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