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Content Services for Financial Shared Services delivering Efficiency and Compliance

Speed up your finance and accounting processes by adding Imaging, Workflow, Mailroom Automation, and ERP Integration Services from IDT to your organization. IDT promotes faster inter-departmental processing, better decision-making and allows other departments and locations to share critical information. IDT offers integration with leading ERP offerings from SAP, Peoplesoft, NetSuite, Oracle eBusiness Suite, Lawson, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) for Financial Shared Services

Robotic process automation, or RPA, is an essential element of an end-to-end business process automation strategy. With RPA, a digital workforce made up of bots complements your human workforce by allowing both to perform – and excel – at tasks that play to their strengths and provide optimum value for the organization.

With RPA, you can move the burden of tedious and tiresome tasks from your employees’ workload to a “digital workforce” – freeing up their time to focus on high-value tasks and build more meaningful, relevant connections with the people they serve.RPA screenshot for Financial Shared Services

Hyland RPA available from IDT takes the best of process automation and integrates it into a leading content services platform. This removes the biggest roadblock to end-to-end intelligent automation – unstructured information. By capturing and organizing data as it comes into your organization, your IA efforts reach a whole new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Within the Financial Services industry, Hyland has heard the need for increased automation, and Hyland RPA is the answer. In this example, we will see how Hyland RPA can help introduce efficiency and value in the Lending process, specifically in the Loan Document Tracking solution. In the demonstration video, you will see how Hyland RPA interacts with the Hyland Platform and public websites to allow your organization to help drive your automation strategy.

Watch and learn how Hyland RPA from IDT can help your organization!


Informative and Educational Shared Services Information for your Operations

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Invoice volume and remote work are on the rise.  Can your current invoice approval process and support the complexity these trends create?

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Imagine if your users could access the documents that support their business transactions right from their ERP or Line of Business toolbars. With IDT's Integration for ERP tools, this can become a reality for you. Never again will your users have to search in multiple locations for information needed to complete transactions. Everything will be at their fingertips - right from their ERP or Line of Business screens - shrinking business cycle times without adding training costs.

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In addition, IDT's ERP Integration Tools can leverage your ERP data too. Our robust ERP Integration Tools automatically pulls in values from your ERP to eliminate manual indexing on scanned or imported documents. Now your employees can spend less time managing data, documents and processes, with IDT's ERP Integration tools for ECM keeping everything in sync. To learn more about our integration solutions for Financial Shared Service organizations, click on the link below:

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