Healthcare Content Service Software Solutions for Clinical Document Management from IDT

HealthHealthcare Content Services, Information Management, and ECM software and mailroom automation solutions from IDT help empower superior care across the enterprise. IDT helps deliver the information you need when you need it. It helps control that information and makes it work for you. And that information is readily available to clinicians and staff within the healthcare software solutions they already use and know. This drives improvements in patient care and service while improving medical data management and reducing operational costs.

Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) for Healthcare

Robotic process automation, or RPA, is an essential element of an end-to-end business process automation strategy. With RPA, a digital workforce made up of bots complements your human workforce by allowing both to perform – and excel – at tasks that play to their strengths and provide optimum value for the organization.

With RPA, you can move the burden of tedious and tiresome tasks from your employees’ workload to a “digital workforce” – freeing up their time to focus on high-value tasks and build more meaningful, relevant connections with the people they serve.

Hyland RPA takes the best of process automation and integrates it into a leading content services platform. This removes the biggest roadblock to end-to-end intelligent automation – unstructured information. By capturing and organizing data as it comes into your organization, your IA efforts reach a whole new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Within the Healthcare industry, Hyland has heard the need for increased automation, and Hyland RPA from IDT is the answer. In this example, we will see how Hyland RPA can help introduce efficiency and value in the Subject Access Request process. In the demonstration video, you will see how Hyland RPA interacts with the Hyland

Watch and learn how Hyland RPA from IDT can help your Healthcare Organization!


Learn how we can help you solve some of your most common business problems in:

  • Appeals & Grievances
  • Claims Processing
  • Credentialing
  • EMR Integrations
  • Health Information Management
  • Healthcare Payers
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Home Healthcare
  • Mobile Medicate Enrollment
  • New Business Processing
  • Open Enrollment Solutions
  • Outpatient & Ambulatory
  • Patient Financial Services
  • Physician Offices
  • Provider Relations
  • Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)

ECM + EMR = a complete patient recordClick here to open and see how we connect patient documents to the patient record using your existing EMR software!

OnBoarding Content into HIMS or EMR is a SNAP! with IoT Smart Connected Scanning Solutions from IDT and Alaris

Image of Iot Smart connected scanningUse IoT Smart Connected Scanning INfuse solutions from IDT and Alaris to provide PC-less, driverless point-of-origin capture into your HIMS or EMR environments.  In fact with IoT Smart Connected Capture solutions, we will show your organization exactly how you can provide the industry’s safest, securest, easiest to deploy data document capture and delivery solution to web portal environments available in the marketplace today!

With INfuse – an IoT Smart Connected Scanning solution for your HIMS or EMR environments, point-of-origin document capture can be delivered without requiring any IT involvement.  Business users can deploy IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions. No messy TWAIN or ISIS driver installation or configurations – zero, zilch, nada! Does it sound way too good to be true?

Learn about IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions via CAPTURE CAPITALIST’s Podcast by clicking here and we will show how point of capture can be achieved without IT, without PC’s, without all the IT Tower of Babel.

IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions from IDT are the key to capture content at point-of-origin for your HIMS and EMR environments in the fastest, most secure, and easiest manner in the industry – period!  

Built-in HIMS and EMR integration options make it easy!

With built-in configuration, OnBase by Hyland integrations eliminates the cost of custom API development tools and minimizes IT resource needs. With configuration and mapping activities integrated within the HIMS and EMR interfaces, users can be assured of an easy transition to new software, with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.

OnBase Mackinac by Hyland and IDT

The current methods of exchanging medical record documentation place both the healthcare payers and providers at a severe, disadvantage. In the 21st Century, you are still sending information by fax, mail, overnight delivery, courier services, or maybe at best via web portals – which is a less-than-ideal approach to coordination of care – and a slow one, at that. The lack of collaboration and processing delays that result create a number of challenges, from inaccurate payments to penalties for not meeting mandated claims payment time-frames.

OnBase Mackinac by Hyland Software and IDT securely exchanges information electronically, guaranteeing delivery and while simultaneously facilitating collaboration. The result? More accurate, consistent, and faster processes, greater transparency, less risk and lower costs for healthcare organizations.

Expedite Electronic Medical Record & Information Exchange

Utilizing your existing security infrastructure and services, OnBase Mackinac electronically routes the right information to the right person at the right time. Parties share data and documents in seconds, not days while eliminating lost or misplaced information.

Expediting the exchange of medical documentation speeds claims payment processes – a win-win for both payers and providers. Payers avoid fines for non-compliance and avoid time-based exceptions, while providers experience faster and more accurate claims resolution.

Reduce Costs

OnBase Mackinac eliminates the high costs of communicating through fax, postal mail, couriers, overnight delivery, and web portals. Instead, the sender and receiver split the per-transaction fee evenly. The workflow and business process management solution has the potential to reduce a payer’s cost-per-transaction by more than half while cutting expensive communication costs for providers. The expedited decision-making that automated routing, approval, and verification workflows create benefit all healthcare organizations. And, because it is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, OnBase Mackinac requires no capital investment!

Your Solution for Sharing Healthcare Data and Documents

Providers can reduce days outstanding through improved communication and faster processes with OnBase Mackinac from IDT!  Securely exchange information electronically, guarantee delivery while facilitating collaboration – helping providers reduce costs and collection delays through increased transparency and more accurate, faster processes.

Payers can decrease their cost-per-transaction by more than half and require no capital investment while ensuring a fast, secure, electronic information exchange.  Further, Mackinac from Hyland and IDT increase member and provider satisfaction through more accurate, collaborative communication.

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