Managed Content Services for CAPSYS® CAPTURE ONLINE & OnBase® by Hyland

IDT’s Managed Capture and Content Services Program offering provides a unique Server room lit in blue lightvalue proposition for our clients. Data and Document Capture and Content Services applications require frequent attention, care, and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and dependability by trained and certified personnel.  On average, CAPSYS CAPTURE and Hyland Software release at least one major software version per year along with issuing various security updates, patches and bug fixes throughout the lifecycle of the major release. Often times these patches will address vulnerabilities that can create havoc for a customer if left unchecked.  After the initial on-premises application and infrastructure deployment, these systems are sometimes left in their original deployment state, leading to a degradation in overall system performance while also creating potential organizational security risks.


IDT is a proven implementation and solution provider for both CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE and Hyland OnBase. IDT has many years of Subject Matter Expertise (SME) and experience in Enterprise Content Management solution deployments, upgrades, integrations, application scaling, and overall application and infrastructure optimization.  Our customizable Managed Capture and Content Service offerings enable IDT to address the common concerns and challenges with managing and supporting an Enterprise Capture and Content Services solution.

The cloud you can trust, with the numbers to prove it

IDT’s Managed Capture and Content Services offerings enable our customers to shift day to day application and infrastructure operations and ongoing application maintenance of their existing on-premises based deployments of CAPSYS CAPTURE and Hyland OnBase over to our secure, Cloud-based offerings allowing your internal IT department to focus other priorities.

IDT hosts your Managed Capture and Content Services applications in industry-leading Microsoft Azure Worldwide Datacenter’s.  Depending on your industry, as a Microsoft Authorized Cloud Solution Provider, IDT offers deployment choices for your Managed Content Services application in either Microsoft’s Azure Government Edition infrastructure or Microsoft’s Azure Commercial Edition.


Azure Government Edition Software

IDT’s Managed Capture and Content Service offering can be customized and tailored to fit your needs and budget. Our Managed Capture and Content Services include:

Software Licensing Ownership and Continuity

  • Continuation of your existing On-Premises Licensing & Support- Ownership of your existing application’s perpetual licensing remains in your possession. Your existing IDT Annual Software Assurance Agreements remain intact through IDT. Your current IDT Software Support mechanisms remains intact with a continuation of support by the current application software manufacturer.

Application Hosting

  • Application Infrastructure Hardware purchase - IDT provides all of the necessary virtual server infrastructure, Microsoft operating systems, database licensing, VPNs, Storage Services, etc. to operate your CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE & Hyland OnBase applications. We provide the Cloud-based server infrastructure to ensure optimal application operation based on your evolving needs. This eliminates the needs to purchase, upgrade and add physical server hardware or Microsoft licensing in your internal datacenter.
  • Application Installation and Ongoing Maintenance - As application software and usage demands change your virtual infrastructure needs to keep pace. IDT handles all new virtual server provisioning and ongoing monthly maintenance needed to maintain a solid infrastructure that provides optimal performance for your Managed Capture and Content Services application suite.
  • High Availability & Redundancy – Many of Microsoft’s Azure services provide a 99.9% or 99.95% Standard SLA as their standard offering. Via Microsoft’s High Availability Sets, SLA’s can be tailored and increased (for additional cost) to provide you with maximum uptime.  Details about Microsoft’s SLA’s can  be found here: and here:
  • Backups - All necessary system backups are conducted automatically for you, eliminating the time, expense and tasks from your IT staff and budgets.

Flexible Application Updates

  • Managed Capture & Content Service Software Updates - IDT keeps your systems updated on new versions, security patches, and updates. Unlike other providers, IDT will coordinate with your staff to review new version updates and patches to determine when these should be applied. This provides flexibility in determining the timing of new updates to ensure changes have minimal impact on users. Our approach towards patch management mitigates the risk of applying new versions and updates without your consideration of how those updates may impact other systems that are tightly integrated with your Managed Capture and Content Services applications.

Optional Platinum Infrastructure & Application Support

  • 7 x 24 x 365 Application and Infrastructure Critical Support – Our optional IDT Platinum support service offering provides 24 x 7 system monitoring to identify problems. Platinum support uplifts IDT’s Standard 8 x 5 support plan to include 24 x 7 x 365 telephone call service with a 4 hour maximum response time. Platinum support greatly reduces the potential wait time to address critical issues that negatively affect production application usage for organizations that need mission-critical support.

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