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Chart your course with Cloud and On-Premises based Content Services Platform and ECM Solutions

Your company needs to keep pace with the evolution of information production and management as these capabilities continue to change regularly. Former enterprise content management practices no longer match the current reality of information creation, use, and interaction. The thorough content services approach offered by our professional consulting firm, allows you to successfully integrate changes while preventing any roadblocks to information distribution and transmission. And this holds true across all your repositories and locations.

We provide the skills for your company to be cost-effective and competitive in today’s global market with our Case Management, Content Services Platform Solutions, Governance Rules as a Service (GRaaS), and Robotic Process Automation offerings. At IDT, our feature-rich productivity tools, combined with the skills inherent in your company, enable you to meet your objectives. We help relieve the burden of managing and maintaining business systems -- which frees up IT departments to focus on initiatives that increase your business advantage.

With IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE, in just under 5 minutes, you can deploy a full-featured data and document capture solution that captures all your various types of documents and pushes them into your business processes through the convenience of a button driven end-user experience.

Learn more about IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions from IDT powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE.

Providing an Effective Strategy for Your Content

The massive amount of information that flows through the business world today can be overwhelming at times, and if it’s not handled effectively or if these useful elements are lost in the mix - then it’s not beneficial at all. Information that can’t be sorted and sifted properly is just as useless as no information at all.

When you let us provide a content strategy for your company you see the changes become apparent very quickly. A strategic plan allows you to define what you need, how to gather that information, access it immediately, process it smoothly, and share it. It’s an intuitive and efficient process that we are ready to handle for you on an ongoing basis for customer relationship management.

Getting a Picture of the Situation

In addition to providing a strategy for your firm, we’ll conduct a content service assessment to develop a clear and concise view of your current situation. Once we’ve gained a broad view of where you are, plus the underlying details, then we provide a roadmap and support to allow you to manage content flawlessly with a system that has the capability built in that allows it to expand as your content does.

Our team is skillful and experienced in a broad range of services that are vital and applicable to the corporations and companies of today, both large and small. If there is an area, or areas, of your enterprise that you feel, can benefit from our consulting skills, we are ready to work with you.

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