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Solutions for Human Capital Management (HCM) Software

With Human Resources Content Services, ECM, and BPM solutions from IDT you replace manual processing, automate routing, and track approvals so HR management is seamless, secure, and fast.  Leveraging OnBase from IDT and Hyland Software in Human Resources allows your organization to digitize all employee files and provides HR staff with instant access to needed information.

>>Click here<< to download your interactive workbook and evaluate how OnBase from IDT can improve your HR processes.  Once completed, return it to as it has likely sparked some ideas and helped you identify several areas for improvement. We are here to help you begin your Content Services journey!

Got the "multi-jurisdiction, document retention" blues?  We can help!  Watch our Governance as a Rules (GRaaS) podcast and learn how you can combat those blues using Iron Mountain's Policy Center coupled with Hyland OnBase to completely automate your multi-jurisdiction, document retention services for all your HR documents across your enterprise - safely, securely unlike you have ever been able to accomplish in the past.

Download our Infographic that demonstrates how we can help your organization manage the complete Employee Content Life Cycle.

Download and read the "Content Services for HR" whitepaper produced by Human Resource Executive® and sponsored by Hyland.

Our 21st-century solution minimizes costs while increasing the efficiency of HR professionals and improving their level of service to your employees.  Here are some of the critical HR areas we can help you with:

Recruiting and Selection
Capture, store, and route applicant files, freeing recruiters from paper-based manual processes, and allowing recruiters to find the best candidates faster.

Employee Onboarding
With complete visibility into onboarding processes, IDT can help ensure that onboarding tasks are completed on time by each team member and each department.

Employee File Management
IDT solutions provide human resources staff with a single location to store employee files making them instantly available when needed. Within each employee file, IDT helps you identify missing documents and automates document retention, helping organizations meet compliance standards and regulations.

Policies and Procedures
Electronically store and distribute policies and procedures, ensuring employees are aware of the most current policies while also supporting compliance.

Employee Separation
From benefits to payroll instructions, IDT solutions enable your HR staff to automate the management of necessary activities for departing employees.

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