Health and Safety Case Management | Low-Code WorkView Solutions

Solution Overview

Organizations of all types, especially those in manufacturing or labor-intensive jobs, need to track that employees have read and responded to important policies and procedures. These documents often outline health and safety procedures that must be taken in day-to-day operations.  Along with the tracking of policies and procedures, many organizations must document any incidents that occur in the workplace.

Our Health and Safety Case Management solution acts as a combination of tracking your organization’s policies and procedures (P&Ps) along with managing incidents that might be linked to those P&Ps.

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Key Features

  • Administration Panel for Incident Typing and Assignments
  • Location Role Management
  • Required Document List
  • Task Assignment and Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Customizable External Forms for Incident Initiation


  • Enforce and Manage required document list to hired employees or contractors.
  • Tools to standardize processes for managing incidents, ensuring the right information is collected, and required steps are always followed.
  • Centralized information around actions, notes, tasks, and communications surrounding an incident.
  • Visibility into the status of the incident to monitor progress, track resolution times, and identify corrective actions needed.

Why WorkView? – Integrated Content, Workflow, Dashboards, Data, and Cases

While many Case Management cases start with a planned action and can be streamlined for efficiency, others can be very unpredictable and surface randomly during the course of the customer or constituent relationship. Your skilled knowledge workers need to be fully equipped to handle unplanned events while simultaneously providing the highest levels of high-touch customer and constituent service.

OnBase’s single, digital content services and case file solution provides quick and easy access to all the documents, data, and process events required for accurate decision-making. Compared to a custom-coded solution, the Hyland OnBase Content Services Platform solution can be rapidly deployed for any case-based process in a fraction of the time with our software solution services.


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Watch the CAPTURE CAPITALIST podcast interview for App Builder | Case Management from OnBase by Hyland

Why wait any further?

<< Check out the podcast interview featuring Case Management and Low-Code tools from Hyland Software – App Builder/Workview!  Here you’ll learn about App Builder’s unique features, use cases, and tools that allow you to accelerate your first application-building experience, and you can do it all without programming!

OnBoarding Content into Health and Safety Case Management is a SNAP! with IoT Smart Connected Scanning Solutions from IDT

Use IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions from IDT and Alaris to provide PC-less, Image of Iot Smart connected scanning point-of-origin capture into your Case Management | App Builder environment.  In fact with IoT Smart Connected Capture solutions, we will show your organization exactly how you can provide the industry’s safest, securest, easiest to deploy data document capture and delivery solution to Enterprise File Sync and Share environments available in the marketplace today!

With INfuse – an IoT Smart Connected Scanning solution for your App Builder | Case Management environment, point-of-origin document capture can be delivered without requiring any IT involvement.  Business users can deploy IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions. No messy TWAIN or ISIS driver installation or configurations – zero, zilch, nada! Does it sound way too good to be true?

Learn about IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions via CAPTURE CAPITALIST’s Podcast by clicking here and we will show how point of capture can be achieved without IT, without PC’s, without all the IT Tower of Babel.

Whether Case Management | App Builder is used for internal-facing applications and projects, or externally facing applications and projects such as Human Resources, Government Infrastructure/Permitting/Plan Review Projects, Vendor / Supply Chain Partner Portals, Higher Education Transcript Sharing, IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions from IDT are the key to capture content at point-of-origin in the fastest, most secure and easiest manner in the industry – period!  

Workflow and Business Process Automation from IDT

“Workflow” is a term commonly utilized in case management, content services, and enterprise content management sales cycle, demonstration, seminars, workshops, and trade shows. You will also hear the term “workflow” used to generally describe a specific work process in an organization such as “order fulfillment,” “mortgage application approval,” or a “new business underwriting” process. Ensuring that business transactions and cases are handled efficiently and in compliance with organizational procedures is challenging with manual, labor-intensive processes. Workflow solutions from IDT and OnBase can automate policy-controlled processes without any human interaction or allow a knowledge worker to make critical decisions by selecting the next appropriate business process improvement steps, providing both control and flexibility.

More on the subject of Workflow and Business Process Management can be found by clicking here.

CapSys Technologies, LLC and software solutions in Itasca, ILData and Document Capture for Case Management

Distributed and centralized data and document capture software for content services is vital to a case management system.  CAPSYS CAPTURE streamlines the process of acquiring data and documents securely and efficiently for content services, business process improvement, and document imaging and document management systems. CAPSYS CAPTURE’s scalable and extensible server software also allows for automated ingestion of emails and attachments from Microsoft Office 365, Lotus Notes, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Google Gmail (and other mail servers), XML-generated content, fax servers, and content originating from the mobile e-tablet marketplace.

Inject paper-based documents or electronically generated content into your Case Management solution using INfuse IoT Smart Connected Scanning powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE.

CAPSYS also is tightly integrated with OnBase and ShareBase by Hyland software for content services and case management using Hyland’s API technology.  electronic folders of content can be safe, securely automatically created, and published without user interaction based on workflow rules contained in your capture workflow processes.

Contact us for more information about our Case Management Software solutions, Content Services Platform, and Enterprise Content Management services. We are based in Itasca, IL, with offices in Colorado, California, and Florida, and serve clients nationwide.