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Cloud computing in Itasca, IL.

Content Services and ECM in the Cloud help reduce costs and provide access to information from practically anywhere.

IDT is the Premier Provider of Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (SaaS) supplying flexibility and savings.

Get the benefits of an enormous computing infrastructure with our cloud computing without having to implement and administer it directly, and get it at a fraction of the cost. IDT provides outsourcing and professional IT hosting services for small, mid-sized, and enterprise organizations. We’ll show you how we leverage a proven set of technologies and extensive subject matter expertise to deliver cost-effective, flexible solutions that provide responsive and predictable levels of service for your business.

IDT’s extensive experience across content services, information management, ECM, Case Management, Document Imaging, Document Management and Business Process Automation, applications, and infrastructure – combined with our industry certifications from Microsoft, CAPSYS Technologies, OnBase by Hyland, and more and well-defined delivery processes – ensure that you get what you pay for, and more.

Globe leading in industry solutions in Itasca, IL.

IDT is an authorized Hyland Cloud GCS Partner

Graphic for Hyland OnBase GCS Cloud explainer video

Watch the short explainer video and get the inside scoop on Global Cloud Services (GCS) offering from Hyland Software

IDT has partnered with the world-class leader in Content Services Platform Solutions – Hyland Software, the makers of OnBase for a good reason.  They pioneered it!  Hyland has hosted OnBase in the cloud for more than 15 years, making Hyland a true pioneer in the field. More than 1175 companies in 42 countries trust the Hyland Cloud to safely and securely store their information. Regularly audited and certified data centers across the globe provide in-country, private cloud space with comprehensive security and disaster recovery protocols.

Currently, the Hyland Cloud stores more than 12 billion documents — totaling more than 10 petabytes of data.

Our Service Portfolio

IDT is a Microsoft Cloud Computing Partner

Windows Azure used for business process improvement in Itasca, IL.

We host Microsoft-based applications in Microsoft Azure Commercial Edition & Microsoft Azure Government Editions. Save your precious cash and don’t spend it on software, annual software assurance, servers, operating systems, databases, etc. To utilize Microsoft based applications in a SaaS (Software as a Service) or cloud computing environment does not require your business to have to procure software licenses and server hardware upfront before you start using the product’s capabilities, because the product’s capabilities are provided safely and securely over the web directly to your organization from IDT’s datacenter.

In a sense, you can think of SaaS as renting or leasing the application, operating systems, & hardware and you are only paying for it for as long as you utilize the software and hardware products for your content services. Be aware that not every Microsoft Partner – regardless of their partner status – is authorized or enabled to offer the Microsoft based applications as a service because of several reasons: 1) They may not have a suitable data center equipped to meet the stringent security and uptime requirements that financial applications demand; 2) They may lack the technical staff to effectively manage and operate a Cloud/SaaS environment – which is a very different set of skill sets than deploying on-premise applications; 3) They may not have the necessary operational and administrative infrastructure to manage the Microsoft SPLA alternative licensing program – a requirement from Microsoft when deploying the Microsoft applications in a SaaS or Cloud Computing environment.

Eliminate the endless headaches of establishing a CAPEX budget, dealing with internal IT chargebacks, application system administration, IT employee turnover, backup and restore processes, applying patches, service packs, and hotfixes. With IDT, you and your staff can focus on your core competencies, and we will take care of your Microsoft-based application needs for business process improvement.

Contact IDT for more details on the specifics of the Microsoft-based applications Software as a Service program.

Cloud-Based Content Services, Case Management, Enterprise Content Management, Document Imaging, and BPM

SaaS is an abbreviation for Software as a service – sometimes also referred to as an “on-demand” software delivery model. To complicate matters, the industry in the past used terms such as application hosting services or application service provider to describe what from now on will be called merely, Software as a Service or SaaS. What is SaaS? Simply put, it eliminates the need to buy software licenses and in many cases, the server hardware.

What is the benefit of implementing Case Management, Enterprise Content Management, Document Imaging, Document Management, and BPM in a cloud computing or SaaS alternative? In a nutshell, the solution can be up and running in weeks or days – not the months or quarters that traditional client/server technologies may take. Second, it eliminates the need to procure costly servers and application software. Sound like it might be an interest to you? Continue reading on.

Ask yourself the following series of questions: Is my organization looking to implement a case management, enterprise content management, document imaging, document management, and BPM solution ASAP? Are your internal IT costs continually increasing? Are you struggling with the frustrations that a capital expenditure process creates internally within your organization? Are you looking for a way to solve your business problems today rather than 12 months from now? Then listen to IDT as your Cloud/SaaS provider!

For a nominal one-time setup fee, and a re-occurring monthly expense, your organization, can be operational quicker than ever before. With IDT’s Cloud/SaaS offerings, no hardware or software needs to be purchased – thus, collectively we both entirely bypass the “red tape” and bureaucracy that traditionally plagues an organization’s software and hardware procurement process.

Best of all, Cloud and SaaS from IDT eliminate the seemingly endless project delays and business process improvement because of the slow decision-making process usually coupled with CAPEX approval cycles. Your business users will be elated that you were able to solve their problems both quickly and in a very affordable manner with our content services.

IDT’s Cloud/SaaS model enables our customers to quickly take full advantage of an on-demand software model for leading applications.

  • Software-as-a-Service – Enablement platform for IDT’s Strategic Software Partners to deliver software as a service
  • Application Management – Comprehensive, ongoing management services for Mid Market and Enterprise-Class Applications
  • Managed Messaging – Scalable, cost-effective managed services for Microsoft Exchange, mobile messaging, and other collaborative technologies
  • Managed Services – Complete monitoring and management of our customer’s IT infrastructure
  • Hosting Services for Web-Based Applications – Dedicated hosting services for Web-based applications

Organizations trust IDT to provide services for their critical IT infrastructure and IT hosting services. We offer cost-effective solutions designed to grow with you -including rapid infrastructure deployment, a complete suite of related IT services, and global capabilities.

If you have outgrown your datacenter, or are looking for an alternative high-availability data center with world-class facilities for ping, power, pipe, storage, server, and operating system management, IDT can offer a wide array of options to address your specific IT infrastructure needs. Our database management services ensure the high level of performance you require from the databases that support your applications for cloud computing services.

Finally, IDT’s Solution Services team has extensive experience and expertise in planning, implementing, managing, and upgrading offerings from Microsoft, AnyDoc, CAPSYS, Kofax, FileBound, Hyland OnBase, Oracle and other ISV’s.

Contact us for more information on our company and our enterprise content services and management. We are based in Itasca, IL, and serve clients nationwide.