Contract Management

Streamline every step of the Contract Management Lifecycle

Forget the spreadsheets. Minimize risk. Maximize productivity and control over your contract management process. OnBase and CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE available from IDT equips organizations across numerous industries to manage the contract lifecycle from request to approval, change requests, and from expiration to renewal.

IDT’s Content Services, Information Management, and ECM solutions for Contract Management provide you with a single repository to store contracts, addendums, emails, etc., and provide employees with instant access to the information they need. Once documents are managed securely and electronically stored, they are much easier to work with throughout the contract management system lifecycle. Our Contract Management solutions can be integrated with DocuSign, ShareBase an enterprise file sync and share solution, and other third-party applications.

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Automated Tracking, Task Assignment & Routing

Each edit is fully recorded and tracked, providing your organization with a full history of what was changed, when, and who did it. Completed contracts can then be routed through the proper approvals in an automated fashion and the appropriate approver can use a digital signature to execute the document.

Contract Management by IDT and OnBase

A Contract Management solution from IDT and OnBase allows your organization to:

  • Securely capture and store contracts and supporting data, documents, voice recordings, video conferences, emails, and attachments
  • Compose and create dynamic contracts on-demand using a built-in clause library
  • Provide internal and external legal and compliance teams with a 360-degree view of contract-related information, tasks, activities, and correspondence
  • Automatically route contracts and supporting documents for review, approval, and execution – even digital signature
  • Be proactive – receive automatic notifications of pending expirations and auto-renewals events
  • Support compliance requirements by providing a complete audit trail of all interaction

Single Source of Truth!

OnBase from IDT provides a single, central location to store, track, route, collaborate and take action on all documents, data, and tasks in the contract lifecycle. This gives legal and compliance departments complete visibility into the contract management process and lifecycle, from a history of interactions with data to a clear view of current work, upcoming obligations, and expirations.

Benefits of Enterprise Contract Management Software from IDT and OnBase include:

  • Accelerating contract cycle times, reduction of operating costs, minimizing time spent searching for information and manually routing documents and supporting content
  • Providing real-time insight into contract status and staff workloads, equipping organizations to identify business process improvement opportunities
  • Reducing the risk of missed expirations by proactively managing contract lifecycle milestones
  • Minimizing delays with remote and mobile access to contracts, supporting documents and approval tasks
  • Maximizing existing investments by linking contracts to another line of business systems or sources of truth

OnBase contract management solutions from IDT scale to support a variety of contract types – including employment agreements and NDAs, vendor contracts, lease agreements, etc. – and related processes, creating a compelling, lower cost of ownership while driving business value organization-wide.

And, with ShareBase from IDT and Hyland, you can easily and securely share contract versions, specifications, terms, and agreements with vendors, legal parties, and others helping speed the process along – safely and securely. The natural interaction between ShareBase and OnBase allows you to share relevant files automatically as part of the contract management solution, regardless of whether recipients have access to OnBase.


  • Watch the multi-part video series on IDT’s Contract Management Solutions featuring OnBase by Hyland.


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