21st Century ePlan, Esri & Land Management

OnBase ePlan & Esri from IDT and Hyland Software

Finally, paperless plan reviews are now possible with ePlan & Esri solutions for Building & Permits, DOT and Environmental Agencies. Direct integration with leading Land Management and permitting applications such as Harris Govern, Accela, Cityworks and more!

Imagine your commercial and residential constituents submitting plans electronically and allow the entire plan review process occurring electronically inclusive of plan markups, revision control, electronic plan stamping, mobile inspection and more!  Sound good?  Watch this on-demand ePlan review webinar to better understand the key features and functionalities you’ll get from IDT and Hyland Software.

Dream for a moment of life without collating, printing, and re-printing paper plans and knowing the plan you are looking at is the actual plan that was approved demonstrating differences between original plan submissions comparing and contrasting the differences between plan revisions.  Constituents, Techs, Coordinators, Plan Reviewers, and Contractors all working off of the same set of documents – permitting statuses all being reflected in your Land Management and Permitting apps – all in a seamless manner.  Your dream has now become a reality with the help of Hyland Software and IDT.

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>> Watch Plan Review in action (24 minutes in length)