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SMS is Hot and Why Retarus is the Right Choice

SMS has a read rate of 98%.  Yes, you read that correctly.  No other message medium is accepted more widely. 90% of all texts are read within three minutes of receipt. SMS messages are delivered regardless of the available Internet or data connection. They reach their recipient even if GSM is the only service available. With Retarus Enterprise SMS Services, you can send and receive a text message from your business application, desktop, SMS API, or web application. Anywhere in the world, economically and reliably. As part of the Retarus’ Global Delivery Network, you can connect with 99% of all mobile networks making use of our SMS service for businesses.

Retarus Enterprise SMS Services is the right choice – just like most of the other services we offer in combination with Retarus – if you really need your text messages to arrive safely and securely.

What does safely and securely mean exactly? Bargain basement pricing is not the only important factor for customers when considering an SMS provider. Companies choose Retarus and IDT because of our combined exceptional quality and global reach. And while almost every provider promises big things in that regard, at Retarus and IDT we are actually able to prove it.

mobile phone imagery with sms from retarus and idtCommitment, Effort, and Experience

What’s more, Retarus and IDT really go the proverbial extra mile for our SMS customers. Take our reasonably priced Service Management option as an example. At your request, your own dedicated Service Manager works closely with our Carrier Management to follow up on every single SMS that hasn’t reached its recipient.

Retarus continually analyzes and optimizes the throughput rates for each destination country and network provider to find the very best connections and carriers for our customers. Our Carrier Management experts have vast knowledge and experience to ensure your messages arrive. They know, for instance, that in India you can “inherit” the blacklisting of SMS messages between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. if the network provider allocates you a phone number that was previously used by someone who put himself on a blacklist.

A renowned southern German sports car manufacturer uses Retarus’ Enterprise SMS Services to verify the registration of an owner-ID after a car has been purchased. Among other things, this global and time-critical process forms the basis for activating additional functions and generates after-sales turnover, all while facilitating a positive customer journey.

It is essential that this kind of SMS reaches its recipient dependably. The same goes for the one-time passwords (OTP) used in multi-factor authentication, with which the employees at a large German insurance corporation log in to their computers.

It may be that your use case is sending out SMS for marketing purposes and you really don’t mind if 50,000 messages out of a million aren’t delivered. In that example, perhaps another provider may be more suitable for you. Retarus and IDT are the right choices when every single message plays a key part in a process or transaction, for instance in setting up healthcare appointments. Our Enterprise SMS Services are exactly what you need when messaging is critical.

Elementary and effective

Last, but not least: Even though it may sound rather banal – SMS is still the lowest common denominator when it comes to delivering messages to mobile phones. Since the days of GSM, SMS has worked on each and every mobile phone regardless of its internet connectivity. Even though we now have OTT messengers that can do a whole lot more, SMS still has remarkably high open rates (95 percent within 3 minutes) and commands the highest levels of attention amongst recipients.

That’s why a well-known Spanish banking group specializing in consumer loans uses Retarus SMS to send reminders to customers who fall behind with their payments. Impressively, 76 Percent of these borrowers improve their dunning status after simply receiving an SMS reminder.

Now that many large companies have spent the better part of a decade talking up their customer relationship management (CRM) systems, they are now finally starting to practice what they preach and speak directly to their customers. As one of the basic channels for achieving this direct communication, SMS cannot be stressed enough.

Contact IDT to find out about Retarus’s GDPR-compliant Retarus Enterprise SMS Services.

The Superior and Cost Effective Alternative to On-Premises Messaging Solutions

Retarus delivers a robust Cloud-Based Global Messaging solution that saves customers up to 70% versus on-premise infrastructures while providing superior security, reliability, transparency, and support.  Today, Data and PII security is asked about in every boardroom and Retarus’ secure and encrypted faxing technology is the answer.

Retarus services more than 6,000 clients including PharMerica, Bayer, LabCorp, Novartis, SAP, Microsoft, DHL, BMW, Honda, Mercedes Benz, JP Morgan Chase, UBS, Adidas, and many more.  Here is how IDT can help your organization achieve:

  • Up to 50% savings vs. over on-premises based solutions
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Consumption-based pricing using SaaS technology – no hardware required
  • Seamless integration with EMR systems
  • Guaranteed security, redundancy, and compliance
  • Never-Busy technology
  • Easiest to implement – no-cost pilot programs
  • Custom applications – client needs-based design



Retarus INfuse CAPSYS Graphic

End Point Capture using IoT Devices

Learn about how ECO Friendly and IoT Smart Connected Scanning can provide endpoint capture for Retarus Global Messaging services with an easy-to-use “Scan to Fax” solution from IDT and Alaris, a Kodak Alaris business.  Eliminate clunky MFP’s and send outbound faxes and scan your documents using cloud-based ECO Friendly, IoT Smart Connected Scanning devices.


The Leader in Information Logistics

The digital revolution is requiring international organizations to radically rethink their approach to capturing and sharing information. They have to integrate new technologies, automate existing processes, and develop innovative business models.  The key to a company’s success is the reliable flow of information. Even today, billions and billions of information packages are transported from point A to point B. Daily. And, the plethora of content continues to grow. It is essential that every last bit of information arrives at its desired destination. At the right time. In the right place. And in the right format. Retarus calls this “information logistics.”


Retarus WebExpress

Retarus WebExpress allows you to send out emails, faxes, and SMS messages with just a few clicks of your mouse. With WebExpress, you can reach your recipients using the exact method they instructed you on how they want to be reached – using their fax machines, their mobile phones, or via email.  WebExpress allows you to keep your contacts up to date in a single distribution list. Emails with large attachments are no problem for Retarus.  All content is guaranteed to be delivered reliably and quickly via the Retarus infrastructure – regardless of the number of recipients.

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Retarus Cloud vs. On-Premises System Savings


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