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Ephesoft is a leading provider of Intelligent Document Processing solutions that automatically capture and process business documents to boost productivity while eliminating manual data entry. Ephesoft has built their intelligent document capture platform utilizing AI and Machine Learning and operates in the cloud, hybrid or on-premises while accelerating ROI, time-to-value, which was previously impossible with legacy systems. Ephesoft continues to innovate creating the future of enterprise automation driven by data and context while elevating automation that allows people to work to their fullest potential.

A variety of industry solutions from Ephesoft are available ranging from industries such as:

  • Insurance
  • Mortgage
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • And many more.

OnBoard Your Documents with a Touch of a Button

Capturing or scanning your documents into Ephesoft Transact has never been easier than with IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions exclusively from IDT.

In just under 5 minutes, you can deploy a full-featured data and document solution that captures all your various types of documents and pushes them into your Ephesoft Transact business processes through the convenience of a button-driven end-user experience.

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Rich Portfolio of Offerings Ranging Across a Broad Application Spectrum


Invoice  Processing

The digital transformation of invoices is an easy win and is often used as a proof of concept to implement intelligent document processing throughout an enterprise. Whether you have thousands or millions of invoices or other documents, Ephesoft is your key to transforming and freeing your data.

More about Accounts Payable solutions from IDT and Ephesoft can be found by clicking on any of the following links:

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Adding Value to your Accounts Payable Department

Infographic Digital Transformation in AP

Digital Mailroom Automation

Large organizations that have numerous remote locations, either domestically or across the globe, will have no issue processing their incoming mail documents with web-based access, either on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud. A digital mailroom creates operational efficiency with the ability to adapt to any market changes. The power of Ephesoft’s digital mailroom technology and workflow lies in its streamlined functionality and incredible ease of use.

More about mailroom automation solutions from IDT and Ephesoft can be found by clicking on the following link:

The Digital Mailroom Datasheet

Digital Mailroom Infographic

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Records Digitization

Records, archives, files, and physical documents are piling up in storage rooms, warehouses, and file cabinets around the globe. The data is not searchable, so it’s hard to find what you need, manual processing takes forever and new privacy regulations around records put you at risk for non-compliance.

Government organizations and industries with an enormous amount of paper records all over the world are at the highest risk, especially in the United States as the National Records & Archives Administration (NARA) mandate requires 100% of federal records to be digitized by the end of 2022. Additionally, the Federal Electronic Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI) will help push this mandate forward.

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Transact Solution Overview

Video: Automate Records Digitization with Ephesoft from IDT


Customer Onboarding & Financial Services

In a digital world where everyday consumers and commercial customers spend more time on their phones and online, it becomes increasingly important to meet them where they live and work. Consumers have hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to banking or insurance, so it’s essential to provide a streamlined digital experience that will attract and retain them. For critical account types like checking/savings, insurance, loans or other services, regulations and internal policies require detailed identity verification. Traditional processes involve high volumes of complex documents and heavy manual processing that slows down onboarding.

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Customer Onboarding and Financial Services Overview


ID Extraction

Across multiple industries and job functions, organizations struggle with the common need for collecting data quickly, especially when it comes to identification cards like driver’s licenses, ID cards, passports, visas, healthcare cards, barcodes, international documents, tax forms, mortgage forms, employee documents or patient paperwork.

Slowly typing in names, addresses, phone numbers, passport numbers or any other type of ID can be error-prone and repetitive, which is amplified when more than one person’s data is being collected. This type of data collection plagues professionals working with any type of customer or employee onboarding, public sector applications, and loan qualifications.

With growing workloads, ID collection, extraction and processing can be easy, fast, and done. It’s time to automate.

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Healthcare Solution

Ephesoft’s breakthrough intelligent document processing technology is here to help transform any document-heavy process. Whether it is patient intake forms, ID cards, lab forms, or medical records, Ephesoft can identify and extract data from the documents with minimal human intervention. From there, the platform validates and delivers this data into your EHR or other line-of-business systems to help you use and access that valuable information. Instead of spending hours on manual data entry and looking for information from disparate data sources, healthcare providers can now focus on what truly matters like patient care and satisfaction.

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Driving Value: Data-Centric Technology + Human Touch Benefits

Insurance and Claims Processing

Policy qualification, account opening, payment, underwriting, claims processing, and more…

The key to accelerated processing, confidence in compliance, and exceptional customer service while maintaining cost-effectiveness is getting the right data, fast.

Ephesoft’s AI-powered platform:

  • Acts as the first step of digital transformation to unlock data
  • Expedites processing time by eliminating or drastically reducing manual data entry
  • Gathers and presents a clear view of customer data, all in a single, convenient screen
  • Seamlessly exports usable data into any system: ERP, RPA, Content Services, or another repository

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Mortgage and Loan Processing

It’s time for both lenders and borrowers to get their results fast and pain-free.

Using AI-based machine learning technology, Ephesoft accelerates mortgage processing and underwriting to improve the client experience and achieve zero-defect loans. It is built to automatically recognize and extract valuable business information from loan documents.

With hundreds of mortgage documents to process for every loan, quickly and accurately capturing customer information is the key to solving these challenges. Eliminating manual data entry is the first step toward solving these challenges. Learn more about Loan Processing solutions from Ephesoft and IDT by clicking on the link below.

Lending Solutions for the 21st Century

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