James P. Raboin

Chief Technology Officer

James RaboinMr. Raboin has been an employee of IDT since 1996. He has extensive experience designing and implementing software and systems using Microsoft, Stellent, EMC, Captiva, Kofax, Datacap, Kodak, Verity, Captaris, etc. toolsets and as well as a wealth of experience with various software development languages. Jim was instrumental in the development and architecture of IDT’s MagnumPOWER product line – complementary add-on products for IDT Content Management application suite of offerings.

Jim serves as the Chief Architect for IDT’s most complex ERP / Content Management / Workflow Shared Services projects at Global 2000 customers such as Textron, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Abbott, and many others. His Client/Server skills include the design and development of GUI-based systems using Visual .NET, Visual BASIC, Microsoft Access, C++, SQL Server, and a variety of other tools.

Prior to joining IDT, Jim held a variety of positions of increasing responsibility over 12 years at Digital Equipment Corporation. His most recent role at DEC was Principal Information Systems Specialist.

Jim is a recognized expert in numerous database technologies, troubleshooting techniques, and associated products. He is well versed in all phases of systems development and has an excellent ability to rapidly discern and adapt to client needs, as well as a high level of dedication and commitment to both our customers and our firm. Jim has extensive experience as a senior analyst/lead programmer and chief architect for ERP, Content Management, and Workflow Integration projects. His responsibilities have included Imaging/ERM/Workflow Software & Hardware installation, Imaging/ERM/Workflow application Prototyping development, and Post-Installation technical support team lead.

Jim attended the University of Wisconsin from 1981-1984 and majored in Computer Science.

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