Integrating Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Streamline your workforce with robotic process automation. In the digital age, the world continues to transform every day. Many organizations across all markets are seeking ways to optimize the experiences of not only their users but their employees too. With our robotic process automation, you can improve the end-user experience and accelerate digital processes. Additionally, this technology natively extends the content services and ECM suite of tools, allowing you to automate tasks across our products as well as your existing applications.

Digital image of a business manIDT provides you with the software to fully automate all laborious, manual, rule-based, and repetitive tasks where a human touch does not add business value. Task automation is used to perform these types of processes quickly and with more efficiency than a human ever could. This system allows you to improve overall customer relationship management at your company.

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How an RPA Workforce Enhances Productivity

Creating a robotic process automated workforce means a general increase in proficiency and accuracy, more secure data transfers, and allows for more opportunities to capitalize on human utilization. Implementing a bot into your business operations means you have a digital employee that can perform clicks and keystrokes faster and more accurately than anyone, all without getting tired or taking breaks. Best of all, the bot works 24/7, without the need for overtime pay or sick leave.

Automation also means you can worry less about data and security breaches. Without human involvement, your most sensitive information is transferred without anyone ever laying an eye on it. Additionally, our data management solutions enable defensible audit trails and a chain of custody. Once you free up your workforce from these laborious tasks, you can move your employees to more beneficial and engaging activities.

Streamlining Your Business

IDT is dedicated to providing you with business solutions that are ideal for any industry. From automatic data entry to regularly obtaining information from a web portal, our robotic process automation is designed to handle it. With our systems in place, you’ll have the ability to bridge the shortfall of business applications that humans are assigned to work on.

Instead of overloading your employees with simple, tedious tasks such as screen scraping, optical character recognition, or basic pattern recognition, integrate our process improvement solutions. With our technology at your disposal, you can reduce the need for manual key entry and data extraction, and improve the overall productivity of your business.

Product Information and Brief Demonstration Materials

>> Watch the RPA Demo for Financial Services

>> Watch the RPA Demo for the Healthcare

>> Watch the RPA Demo for the Commercial Services

>> Watch the RPA Demo for the Insurance Services

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