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 While it’s easy to put off software upgrades and migrations when your current iteration seems to be working just fine, you’re actually missing out on a number of benefits — and taking risks — that could impact your organization’s future.

An essential aspect of that maintenance is regular upgrades.

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Robotic Process Automation Solutions by Hyland Software makers of OnBase and IDT splash screenTurbo-charge efficiency and accuracy throughout your organization with a tool that bridges the gaps between software and people. Robotic process automation (RPA) extends the value of your business applications by plugging into the software you already use to take care of the busy work. That frees your people to focus on the high-value contributions that drive your business.

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questions to ask

It is likely that more than one vendor for content services platforms will be able to meet the functional requirements you outline in your Request for Proposal (RFP). This document provides you with a set of questions designed to help you achieve a clear understanding of exactly what it is you are buying so that you make an informed choice.

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cast call graphic

This ebook will help you define the capabilities most critical to enhancing customer experiences, both directly and indirectly. But it’s also meant to help you find a talented and well-rounded partner truly committed to working with you to accomplish your customer experience goals. It’s the combination of capabilities, expertise, and proven success that is the true test of whether a provider has the star quality your organization needs.

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display ad for GMQ 2019 Choosing the right Content Services Platform vendor can be a daunting effort. Which one will help you quickly narrow down your choices to only those best-suited to meet your organization’s specific needs?

Follow this step-by-step methodology and learn how!







This paper will explain why an Information Governance (IG) assessment is essential to developing an IG plan that sticks. Whether you are a small to medium (SMB) or a Fortune 500 business, it will not only earn compassion in the courtroom but save costly legal fees, and penalties, and improve brand allegiance…

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Alaris by IDT and Kodak Alaris
CIS vs. CCD and why you should care. Focusing more on the forest, and less on the trees.  Why total system image quality is more important than any single component of your next document scanner

This paper will discuss competing technologies in the document scanner world and both describe and illustrate the real-world differences between Contact Image Sensors (CIS) vs. Charged-Coupled Devices (CCD).

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OnBase by IDT and Hyland


By integrating your core systems with the OnBase information management solution, you unleash the full potential of your technology investment. Learn exactly how we can help you achieve dramatic efficiencies in the claims process and underwriting, and keep your brokers and agents happy, while simultaneously improving security and compliance.

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Retarus Global Messaging Solutions by IDT


Retarus operates according to ISAE 3402 principles which ensure transparency and compliance to standards such as PCI, HIPAA, and SOX, as well as guidelines for data security, privacy, and threat protection for both internal and external risks. To meet Enterprise requirements, all processes are supported by and cross-linked with other vital and central processes like Information Security Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery… 

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Retarus Global Messaging Solutions by IDT


Learn how to maximize efficiencies by moving internal enterprise fax services to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution.  For most IT infrastructures, maintaining an internal enterprise fax server represents a major investment in the software, hardware, and administrative resources required to guarantee 24/7 operations. For companies with a global presence, there are more regional and local…

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In almost every company, data is doubling each year, and managing all this new data can be a real challenge. IDT’s  Information Governance Assessment is designed to help you discover areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. The results will empower you to increase organizational transparency and data integrity while reducing risk. 

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2018 State of Accounts Payable Report. A look at current AP operations, challenges, visibility and controlTechnology plays an essential role in nearly all business operations today, and accounts payable (AP) is no exception. Yet despite investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications or process automation tools, AP departments still face a number of challenges that affect the efficiency and accuracy of invoice processing. Physical paper documents, manual data entry, invoice exceptions, data errors, and discrepancies continue to delay the procure-to-pay cycle.

To more closely examine what invoice processing looks like today, Hyland Software makes of OnBase recently published the 2018 State of Accounts Payable Report based on a survey of 200 AP professionals. The results reveal not just the main challenge AP departments face, but also what attributes – like process visibility and control – are most valued in AP operations.

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Since 1992, IDT has been helping organizations nationwide with content management servicesWEBCAST REPLAY: INFORMATION GOVERNANCE & RECORDS MANAGEMENT DEEP DIVE BY DAVID VICKERS, SENIOR IG, AND RM CONSULTANT

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OnBase by IDT and HylandWhitepaper: Employee Onboarding – Beyond the Basics
HR knows the importance of new employee onboarding, but still struggles to get it right. For many organizations, the source of the problem is overlooking the early and even transactional components of onboarding, things like making sure new hires have an assigned workspace and computer. These may seem like “basic” concepts but can be far more challenging than expected.

This whitepaper from Human Resources Executive(R) discusses why the “basics” are so important and how technology solutions can help HR organizations master these critical steps by:

-> Automatically assigning onboarding tasks and deadlines
-> Tracking the status of the onboarding process for each new hire
-> Providing visibility into the process itself to identify bottlenecks

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conversion services from nationwide content services provider, IDTSTREAMLINE YOUR BUSINESS WITH IDT CONVERSION SERVICES
The world is evolving from physical to digital documents. Are you putting your business at risk by storing documents in outmoded paper, microfilm, aperture cards, or microfiche formats?

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Filebound by IDT and Upland SoftwareFree E-Book “Customer-Focused Human Resources”
It is estimated that disengaged employees cost the US economy $500 billion per year in lost productivity. Learn 5 Information Management Technologies that Will Increase Engagement without Decreasing Privacy.

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OnBase by IDT and Hyland SoftwareStreamline HR processes, improve the level of service to employees
IDT Human Resource solutions enable organizations to effectively manage the entire employee lifecycle – streamlining HR processes, improving compliance, and providing a better level of service to employees. Personnel has access…

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OnBase by IDT and HylandImprove Policy and Procedure Management, Strengthen Compliance
Learn how peers within your industry are addressing the burdensome challenges coupled with mounting policy and procedure management, compliance, and regulatory oversight.


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OnBase by IDT and HylandControlling Content: An Ongoing HR Challenge
As human resource departments continue to rely on labor-intensive, costly, and unwieldy paper documents, enterprise content management offers relief. Of the many things, you can say about Human Resources, one that resonates…

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CAPSYS CAPTURE for data and document captureWhite Paper: Green Information Technology makes the ROI Grade with Web-Savvy Document Capture Systems
Going green is more than a trend; it’s now an everyday reality. Organizations of all types, regardless of industry, are finding that reducing their carbon footprint makes good business sense – it’s good for the planet and the company’s bottom line.

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workflowHow Document Management Benefits Accounts Payable
This whitepaper focuses on how document management software saves time and money by automating labor-intensive business processes for accounting and finance departments.

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Imaging and Workflow vs. Paper Imaging and Workflow vs. Paper – Learn how to improve your AP operations, and realize a rapid ROI on your investment, while streamlining processes.
If you are looking internally to identify ways in which you can squeeze cash from operations – or at least get a better handle on its flow, potentially save thousands per year by implementing imaging and workflow in your AP department, then please review this four-part educational video:


AP Imaging and Workflow (Part 1)
AP Imaging and Workflow (Part 2)
AP Imaging and Workflow (Part 3)
AP Imaging and Workflow (Part 4)

httpEffective and Efficient Distributed Web-Based Document Capture Architecture
This white paper describes the fundamental building blocks of Distributed, Web-Based Document Capture architecture, and shares numerous tricks, tips, and realities of the Capture process.

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piggy bankCreating a Cost-Conscious Document Capture Strategy
Technology has evolved from Document Imaging to scan paper, to Workflow to route the imaged paper, to Document Management to organize our file folders, to Web Content Management to manage Intranet and Extranet documents – all are now united as ECM. The influx of both paper and electronic documents still presents an enormous business and economic challenge for any organization. It must be met with a well-thought-out Document Capture strategy. 

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choicesChoosing an Enterprise Content Management System
This white paper covers the following topics: Before You Buy, The Requirements Analysis, Budget & Cost Justification, Technology & Functionality, Who Should Conduct the Requirements Analysis, Choosing an ECM Consultant. To establish greater efficiencies and allow for collaborative data sharing, reporting and tracking, many businesses are taking advantage of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems as part of their infrastructures.

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questionWhy Purchase Your Scanners from IDT? – With so many options for purchasing hi-speed document scanners out there today, it’s hard to know where you should go. Check out this quick reference sheet for some of the benefits of purchasing your important scanning equipment from IDT.

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glassMid Market Briefing Series:
This three-part series provides the insight and approach you can take to navigate the options and purchase new financial software. It’s focused on the specific issues faced by mid-market organizations.




Part I: What Companies Should Know Before Buying Financial Software – Get the most from your investment in financial software. This first part in the three-part IDT Mid-Market Briefing Series provides the insight and approach you can take to navigate the options and purchase new financial software. It’s focused on the specific issues faced by mid-market organizations.

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Part II: How Distributed, Web-Based Document Capture, Automated Accounts Payable & Content Management Significantly Enhance ERP/Financial Systems – This second in our three-part Briefing Series is available to enhance your knowledge of financial systems. It provides you with insider information about how to achieve both efficiency and compliance through the integration of your financial or ERP solution with Enterprise Content Management.

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Part III: Benefits of Working with a Value-Added-Reseller (VAR) – Are there advantages to purchasing from and working with a VAR versus the hardware or software manufacturer? Who will give you a better price? Should you still work with an integrator even if you have a capable IT staff? The third and final part of the IDT Briefing Series gives you straight answers about product selection, services, costs, and more.

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the beginningEnterprise Content Management 101
What is ECM? When do you know you need it? What are its benefits? This brief article from a past issue of IDT’s Integration Insider eNewsletter is your crash course in ECM.

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processKeep Your Information Moving with Workflow Automation
Workflow automation is “the ability to convert existing manual tasks into electronically automated processes.” With flexible, scalable technology, it enables the automatic routing and management of transaction information (like purchase orders, claims, invoices, and applications) throughout one’s organization and over the Web.

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newThe Upgrade Decision
As budgets are prepared, the question of “to upgrade or not to upgrade” often arises. The path to the answer can be complex and require a great deal of consideration. Getting your company through implementation can be difficult. Upgrading can sometimes be tricky as well. It is essential that some basic analysis is done to establish whether an upgrade is right for your organization and if so, which upgrade path you should follow. Read this archived IDT Integration Insider article for some tips in making your decision.

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